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Mission of the Administrative Law Court

The mission of the Administrative Law Court is to provide a neutral forum for fair, prompt and objective hearings for any person affected by an action or proposed action of certain agencies of the State of South Carolina.

Creation of the Administrative Law Court

The Administrative Law Court is an autonomous quasi-judicial agency within the executive branch of state government. The Court was created by the South Carolina General Assembly by Act No. 181 of 1993, to provide an independent forum for hearing the contested cases of state agencies. Previously, citizens desiring an evidentiary hearing to challenge the action of a State agency were heard by hearing officers employed by that particular agency.

New Rules Amendments

he 2014 amendments to the ALC Rules of Procedure became effective April 27, 2014. The amendments include the elimination of representation by CPAs in tax cases; a new rule concerning privacy protection for filings made with the Court; an amendment requiring parties to set forth the issues in the case with particularity when preparing a prehearing statement; an amendment providing that requests for preliminary or injunctive relief (other than requests made in a pending case) are governed by the rules for contested cases; a new subsection to Rule 19 which requires that requests for an expedited hearing be made by motion; an amendment to Rule 36(A) requiring that agencies file an original and an electronic copy of the Record on Appeal; an amendment to Rule 58 regarding inmate appeals to provide additional material which must be included in the record on appeal; and an updated filing fee schedule, with amended procedures for requesting a waiver of the filing fee. Click here for the 2014 rules.


Appeals from the Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) - Click here for information on filing DEW appeals.

The Court's jurisdiction is statutory in nature. Because the Court is an agency within the executive branch of state government, its power to hear a particular type of case from a particular agency is derived exclusively from the legislative branch of state government, the General Assembly.

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