Sunday, March 29, 2015

Organizational Listing

Ralph K. Anderson, III Chief Administrative Law Judge  
Harvin Fair  Judicial Law Clerk  
John McLeod Administrative Law Judge  
Anthony Goldman  Judicial Law Clerk  
Carolyn C. Matthews Administrative Law Judge  
Jessica Kinard  Judicial Law Clerk  
Deborah Brooks Durden Administrative Law Judge  
Robin Coleman  Judicial Research Aide  
Shirley Robinson Administrative Law Judge  
Teckla Henderson  Judicial Law Clerk  
Phillip Lenski Administrative Law Judge  
Leah Garland  Judicial Law Clerk  
Jana E. Shealy Clerk  
Susan C. Dickerson  Assistant Clerk  
Janet G. Williams  Assistant Clerk  
Nancy B. Riley General Counsel  
Katie Buckner  Staff Counsel  
Samuel Johnson  Staff Counsel  
Taylor Rollins  Staff Counsel  
Amy Rothschild  Staff Counsel  
Chris Whitehead  Staff Counsel  
Vacant  Staff Counsel  
Margaret Sanders Director of Finance/Personnel  
Mary Jane Snelling Receptionist  

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To contact the above offices, please call 803-734-0550.