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ALC Rules

To view the South Carolina Appellate Court Rules, Rules of Civil Procedure, and Rules of Evidence, please visit the South Carolina Judicial Department website click here.

Effective April 18, 2022, the ALC amended its Rules and Revised Notes.  Overall, the ALC corrected citation, formatting, and grammar and clarified applications of the Court's rules regarding the stamping of documents, the issuance of subpoenas, and the content of a request for contested case hearing.  Notable changes include:

  • Amending Rule 3(C) to include a new policy that five days are not added to the time for filing when the Court serves an order on a party by e-mail.

  • Amending Rule 4 to provide the authority to implement mandatory e-filing for all attorneys.

  • Amending Rule 11 (D) to clarify the requirements of the content of a Request for a Contested Case hearing.

  • Amending Rule 36 (A) to allow the Department of Employment and Workforce thirty days to file the Record on Appeal, instead of twenty days.

  • Adding a provision to Rule 71 to allow a processing fee to be added on to credit card transactions.


Effective April 18, 2022 click here

For previous versions of the ALC Rules, click here.

A PDF reader or viewer is required to view the rules. If Adobe Reader is used, the bookmarks for the 2013 Rules should be available as well.

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